What buyers look at in a property viewing and how to reach them

15th May 2019 posted in SELLERS

There are many challenging stages when selling your house, and the viewing process is concerning for many vendors. Inviting people to look at your home is a worrying prospect for many people, and you know that the impression you make will influence a prospective buyers likelihood of making an offer.

While the vendor will have their thoughts about the home, and why people should want to live here, there is a need to focus on the buyer. When you know what buyers look at in a property viewing, it becomes more straightforward to connect and engage buyers.

A study carried out by Vileda, where prospective buyers viewed a house while wearing tracking goggles, showed that some features are more important than others for buyers.

Windows are of great importance to buyers

The study found that 95% of viewers made their way to the window upon entering a room. It is good to see what view is on offer from a room, but there are more actual reasons why a buyer would focus on the window.
Graph 1.PNG
When windows are in good condition, rooms and homes are better insulated. A well-insulated home retains heat, saving money and improving the value of a house. These are outcomes that all buyers are interested in, so it is natural that windows are the number one feature that buyers look for in a home.

Therefore, before a vendor places their home onto the market, it is essential to review the windows. If improvements, repairs or upgrades need to be carried out, it is best to do this now, to have the best possible impact on likely buyers.

Following on from windows, it isn’t a bad idea for vendors to consider the insulation around the rest of their home. Investing in loft insulation or cavity wall insulation is an affordable yet highly effective way of improving the insulation of a house. This improvement has short and long-term benefits that can transform a home, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Storage space matters at home

The study found that 80% of buyers took a keen interest in storage spaces, and this shouldn’t be a surprise. Storage space is vital in modern homes, and buyers are looking to enjoy as much storage space as possible. Vendors need to ensure that they offer storage space and that this space is clean and not filled.

It is easy to see why some vendors would take everyday household items and place them into storage space to create more space around a room. However, in the long-run, this may be counterproductive, as buyers will be unimpressed by the messy nature of storage space.

Therefore, if vendors need to invest in additional storage space, for the home or off-site, it is recommended. Buying extra storage space is likely to be a minor investment, but the positive impact it can have on buyers more than justifies the cost and outlay.

Original or stylish features are vital when promoting your house

The study also found that 75% of participants paid particular attention to unique or distinctive features in the home. When a buyer looks at many houses, it can be hard to differentiate properties, so if there is something that marks a home out as being unique, it helps a buyer to remember the property.

Therefore, vendors are encouraged to accentuate these features, making them a critical focal point of a room. Anyone fortunate enough to have an original fireplace in their house should ensure it is clean and in excellent condition, as buyers will examine these features in great detail.

Finishing touches are important

All vendors should know the importance of cleaning and decluttering their home. Offering a clean house should be the starting point when promoting property, but don’t forget that finishing touches are essential too.

Finding time to carry out small cleaning tasks like polishing mirrors and ensuring photo frames are dust-free is essential. You should also have fresh linen and towels in place around the home. Invest in flowers to brighten up a room, and don’t forget the importance of baking. The smell is pleasant, but it is also helpful to offer guests something to eat and drink.

Knowing what buyers look for in a viewing is vital information for vendors, but it is crucial to utilise this information. How you promote and present your home will influence the likelihood of attracting buyers to your property, and selling your home.

Stage the house with the buyer in mind

When you have information on what the buyer is looking for, it makes sense to stage your home with the buyers’ wishes in mind. A good estate agent will advise on this, but the information on what buyers look for will provide you with an ideal start in preparing your house.

List the property with the buyer in mind

If you have an appealing view from a room, share an image of it. If you have ample storage space, clear it out and then take an image or video clip. If you can make your property listing as appealing as possible, you will find it easier to attract buyers.

A study undertaken by the National Association of Realtors in the United States, reinforces the importance of good images, but don’t overlook the need for quality descriptions when listing property:
Graph 2.PNG

Be proactive in promoting the house

If you are confident about the condition of your house, make sure as many people see it as possible. Working closely with an experienced estate agent helps you reach likely buyers, but vendors can take further steps to help promote their home.

Sharing images and clips of your home on social media, alongside a link to the listing, is an effective way for vendors to promote their home via their friends and family members. If you ask for shares or Retweets, your home will be spread to a broader audience, which may help you to sell your home.

Selling your home can be challenging, but when you focus on what buyers want to see, you have a platform for success. At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you in selling your house, so please get in touch.